5 new fashion brands to pay close attention to


Leorosa bases its designs on classic, simple knitwear. With cardigans making a recent comeback, these could well be ones to have a look at! As with Saks Potts mentioned above, the designs are based on classic shapes and styles, it’s more the detailing and colours that make these such strikingly beautiful pieces of clothing. Leorosa’s clothes are all made in Italy, using Italian wool and cashmere, and traditional methods. Their aim is to create garments that can be passed down through generations. The brand was only founded in 2019, but with such excellent products this brand could become very sought after in the coming year or two.


A popular brand of street-wear based in the UK, the three co-founders of Trapstar began by customising their own clothes. As this gained in popularity they decided to try and market their customised clothes to the public. A few years later and Rhianna and Jay Z among others are owners of clothing by this brand. What started as a hobby for these guys ended up being a globally recognised branded product wanted by superstar celebrities! Trapstar products are very well priced too, considering its quality and desirability. Think of it as no more expensive than say, Superdry. Check out their range here https://uk.trapstarlondon.com/


Women (and men for that matter) love coats. This is something that Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts know only too well. Growing up in freezing cold Copenhagen, Denmark in the early nineties, they observed that the piece of clothing most frequently seen was people’s coats. The two paired up and set about designing a range of striking coats and jackets, which have gained heavily in popularity, now being worn by among others Cardi B and Lady Gaga. The style is colourful yet classic, the lines of most of their coats being fairly timeless, it is really the bright colours and detailing that make these coats recognizable as the work of the two Danish designers. Have a browse of their beautiful wares here. https://sakspotts.com/


WEAT (or We Eat Avocado Toast) is a striking, fresh brand from Hong Kong, the brainchild of Nina Sieber. Her vision, to provide beautiful and stylish Mini handbags to perfectly complement the lifestyles of young women in the modern world. Three years on and her collection is rapidly gaining momentum, with a growing number of celebrity influencers, and has been featured in the pages of Vogue and Elle.


Alison Chemla, director and designer at fine jewellery brand Alison Lou started out by making novelty jewellery inspired by emojis. She has since evolved her range to include several collections inspired by her experiences in life. One such collection is called Mama Mia, and is created from pasta shapes. She has more recently released a new collection entitled Loucite, which is a range of colourful hoop earrings made of lucite, and hand finished in enamel. This new range has garnered great popularity, and has been bought and worn by celebrities including Celine Dion and Selena Gomez as well as being featured in Vogue magazine.